Linksys WRT54G died on me purchase Asus 500w?

Wake up this morning and i find that my router has completly died on me. no lights no nothing.

So i'm going to need a new one.

I was looking at this asus

It has multiple USB ports for my two external hard drives, plus with this and an usb hub i may be able to attach those hard drives and a printer.

Anyone have any luck with that?

I'm looking for a nice simple router(maybe supports dd-wrt like my old one) and I don't mind spending $50 more to include usb ports for a printer or usb hdd.
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  1. Well considering you picked the latest draft n router to be supported by DD-WRT I would go for it. Only downside for this router is no dual band 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz support as well as no gigabit ethernet. Keep in mind your throughput is going to take a huge hit for using any other encryption besides WPA2 with a draft n card.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I don't currently have any draft n devices, but I was looking to the future.

    I was mainly looking for a replacement that could use DD-WRT(I grew to like it) and I could use as a simple NAS. I only would use that for my printer and an mp3 hard drive.

    My internal network has a gigE switch so this would only be used for xbox and internet access.
  3. Hey guys, I'm just curious, what is DD-WRT and is it an acronym for some long name?

  4. Nope DD-WRT is an alternative firmware that you can flash on to certain routers mostly linksys and buffalo. It got it's name from the WRT-54 series linksys routers which where the first it worked on. It's does void your warranty but the features are worth it. Just google DD-WRT and check if your router is compatible if your interested.
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