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The other day when I was installing a new video card, I ended up breaking my hdd in the process. I have a new one on the way but I've lost my Windows 7 disc so I'm thinking about trying out Linux? the version I'm thinking of is Zorin OS 6. But my question is since I've never used this video card with my system and I got it from a friend without a driver disc, and I won't have an OS on the hdd, will Linux detect my video card (GTX275). I know Windows auto detects them and downloads the drivers automatically. At least it did with my old one. I don't have onboard graphics and I've no experience with Linux so I don't know if it will.
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  1. A GTX275 should work fine out of the box. But the easy way to find out is to try it and see; download a few live CDs and try them.
  2. My old GTX260 worked fine out of the box. I would recommend to start with Mint or Ubuntu, they both make the installation of proprietary drivers easy with their "Additional Drivers" application.
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