Where do I start with Linux?

Hey community,

So I've been wanting to try Linux for awhile, but havent gotten around to it. I've got a really nice laptop with a retarted graphics core that I can't seem to fix. Its most likely due to a corrupt Windows installation.

I was considering installing Linux on it, as I don't want to shell out more for a Windows OS or go through the hassle of installing it.

So how do I go about installing Linux/Ubuntu? Where do I get it? Do I just put it on a flash drive? Do I have to get drivers or something for my computer?

Answers to any of these questions would be great.

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  1. If I were you I would go to Ubuntu's website and download the latest version. Burn it to a disk and instead of installing it, run it "live".

    During the installation process, you will be asked to install or try it. If you try it, you will run the operating system from the CD/DVD instead of installing it. Nothing will be saved, but you will be able to try it without wiping your windows installation.

    This can be done with most all distributions of Linux. I'd say try as many of them as you can stand!
  2. Just one caveat. Live CDs run much slower than a HD install. So use the CD to test compatibility (both with hardware and with you) but don't use it to judge performance.
  3. Go to the websites for Linux Mint and Ubuntu, download and follow instructions to burn on USB sticks, Run them live for a while and pick which one you like best, then follow installation instructions. Keep your Windows disk and product key around just in case you want to go back. Hit Google if you run into any problems and there is probably a post about it somewhere. There's really nothing to it.
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