BEST antivirus for windows 7 in laptop

my laptop is window7 and intelcore i3 sir best antivirus for my laptop
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  1. NIS
    Norton Internet Security

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  2. I prefer Microsoft Security Essentials myself. Norton was too much of a hassle and system resource hog when last I used it.
  3. Norton is a pile of .... fill the gap lol

    There are some really good ones out there, stay away from any symantec product!

    Personal preference eset internet security
  4. if you want a free one--comodo internet security would be my choice
  5. In my opinion there is no one outright "Best" av client. But I would avoid Norton, its a resource hog. Try AVAST, or AVG Free, or Microsoft Security Essentails. These are all free too.
  6. In the past 2 years Norton overhauled their product line,and now they are one of the top AV on the market!

  7. Norton has got a lot better in the last few years. It's hard to shake their bad image they created when Norton was a resource hog.

    I use MS security and is rated very high.

    Either way get a good anti-virus with Malwarebytes and/or spybot.

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  8. Well symantec endpoint protection is a pile of kak, there are alot better ones out there and cheaper
  9. For free try Panda Cloud!
  10. Comodo Internet Security
    32-bit and 64-bit.
    runs in the 'cloud' as well.
    best in reviews and ratings including
  11. Hands Down Kaspersky has the best heuristics scanner essentially even if a virus, malware, or spyware isnt in the definition database because its new if the file behaves like a known virus it will be quarantined . On the hour updates 24 a day.

    Kaspersky Full version is what I use, but there Basic Antivirus/Antispyware is just as good for virus, spyware, and malware. The more expensive versions just have additional tools i like.

    Also Webroot Antivirus/Spyware is still one of my favorites. Probably in the top 3 for removing bad content thats all ready on the computer before you install something. Its not a resource hog either.

    One thing if you download lots of things off the internet you will here alot of people talking about Nod32 the program is just ok and i mean that. They purposely let past certain programs like Cracks to warez and alot of dumb people think that those files are safe, and all the other big antivirus/antispyware programs have it wrong. They call them false positives. Well if you have a firewall, lol run one of those cracks that is blocked by other programs, and not by Nod32 and monitor your connections. And you shall see it isnt always a clean program.
  12. I use Antivira, it works for me. Free from cnet. You can upgrade to the premium if you think its necessary. I am thinking about upgrading, as it is just a one time $30 charge.
  13. If you have a i5 and Norton you may as well have an i3, Norton sucks allot of resource, there is a reason why Trend Micro has been named the worlds number 1 internet security, look into it.
  14. satveer godara said:
    my laptop is window7 and intelcore i3 sir best antivirus for my laptop

    Windows Security Essential is the best antivirus I have ever used before. It's got practically no impact on performance and great detection rates. It uses low resources of your lappy and provides the best results...
    Try it and see the difference...
  15. Windows Security Essential / windows defender paired with malwarebytes and strict firewall rules :D
  16. Im am using for mine laptop: HP Pavilion Sleekbook 14-b000ed (is has an intel i3 processor too) ESET Smart security 7.
    Eset is using an small footprint of your system and the protection is awesome :)


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