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So I just put together a very nice system after waiting all day for UPS to deliver my stuff from new egg.

Im installing Vista 64 ultimate onto the new rig I create 2 partitions 100gb and 540gb. Vista installs I go through a few hours of customizing and what not.


Apparently I made my primary partition 540gb and my backup 100gb. This sucks cause If I need to reinstall windows I like to format the drive as well. Cant do it like this.


Can you swap partitions and files included from one partition to the other. while vista is running :)

Would love it if there was a solution to this. I highly doubt it but figured Id ask the pros first.
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  1. There is most defenitely a solution.

    It is relatively straight forward, you need to shrink or extend the partition(s) so it is to your liking.

    Either of the two links below will guide you through the process:
  2. I used a tool called G-Parted basically its a linux thing that you download the ISO image of burn it on to a CD and then boot up into it. From there you can adjust the partitions as you like. Its intuitive and easy to use. I found it useful when putting Ubuntu on my old machine. Unfortunately I found ubuntu pretty much useless but thats a story for another day.
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