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What is the name that is given by a PC repair man when they want to take your PC away ?
Mine is running slow, so he said ''I need to take it away, it takes about 5 hours ''.
They clean it all up, but what is that name and can it be done ourselves ?
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    Virus scan, system restore, chkdsk, defrag, memtest . . .these are the kinds of tests and scans that come to mind off top of my head

    pretty much any test or scan can easily be run by a home user although getting rid of a nasty virus or spyware can get tricky and sometimes it is easier to just reinstall Windows - it would help if you tell us what symptoms you are having

    if you are expecting large speed gains from running defrag then don't, that might help a bit but probably not a lot

    if you want to run a FULL manual defrag yourself

    use the -v -w option

    here is how to run chkdsk (hard drive test)

    you can get a free and highly regraded malware scan at malwarbytes, well known for it's ability to remove nasty virii

    try those things first before you send it in

    if the slowness started suddenly then check for any recent hardware or software additions you have made and one by one back out of them, or else try 'system restore'

    if the tech wants to spend any time on a 'registry scan and clean' then forget about it, won't help at all in all probability
  2. Thank you Notherdude,
    What a great reply, I think he must have said System Restore, but by what your saying I can do most of it myself.
    I have AVG,Ad-ware and Spybot, seems like no real problem,just much slower than it was and sometimes it 'fades' and say's something like ''windows is closing''.
    Thank's again for your time and your reply. ;)
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