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Hello Everyone,

Well my name is Justin I am fairly new to Linux have only been using it for 2weeks now and love it I am happy I made the switch from Windows 7. I have only 1 problem and that is with my DVD Burner I had to install Mint 13 XFCE with my IDE Burner because for some reason linux wouldn't install with my Sata DVD Burner so I thought all would be well after the install, So I then went ahead and removed my Ide Burner since I know its on the way out but for some reason Linux will not burn with the Sata Burner but will burn with the Ide drive any idea whats going on?

I would continue using my IDE drive but I am %95 sure its on its last legs and I am %100 sure the Sata burner works great because I was using it with windows and its maybe a month old. Linux does see the drive as HL-DT HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH24NS90 and the Sata Adaptor is: Silicon Image Sil 3112 Serial ATA Controller. The errors seem to be input output errors on every burning software I use Brasero, K3B and Devede.

Please Help

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  1. "Silicon Image Sil 3112 Serial ATA Controller" This is a good possibility of your issue, it is a fakeraid sata plug. plug the drive into a different (native) sata port.
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