Conduit spyware?

I really need a toolbar for our webpage it as it is getting bigger and bigger site and I am continually having new members join , I went to a site named Conduit, however even with their 'no spyware signs' it seemed a bit fishy to me (they were asking for personal details), can anyone tell my if conduit does any damage or imports any viruses to your computer? any help greatly appreciated. (I know it has the trustE sign on it, but anyone can just copy and paste signs)

If it does have any viruses could anyone suggest any free toolbar creating sites :sol:

Thankyou for your help
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  1. Download Avira. It flags dangerous websites.
  2. Hey, it's Carlos Xuma here.

    I've been using Conduit's toolbar for years. It's completely above board and reliable.

    THey don't do anything of the kind to harm anyone's computer.

    If you want to see the toolbar in action you can see the installation here:

    THat's where I have users go to get it and install it.

    You're welcome to contact me directly through my site as well:

    Hope this helps, guys....

    - CX
  3. conduit's toolbars are safe and conduit is a legitimate company.many so called in the know programmers will of course tell u that all toolbars are bad and malware and yada yada yada//it's not true however.i've been using using conduit toolbars for over 10 years and i've been online since 1997(the old webtv).i downloaded the christmas music toolbar years ago and a few others and i'm pleased with the feature on many of their toolbars.a tip here though.most conduit toolbars ,even though they 're labeled as rock or pop or some other name,usually have a fature that enables the user to add his/her own radio stations and type of music via search downloading just one toolbar and then adding your own personal stations is sufficient as opposed to downloading 3 or 4 music toolbars with names like "all rock" or "all pop toolbar etc..just download one and search for your favorite genreusing the toolbar's search'll allow you to choose different genres like 80's,comedy, can also enter your own keyword for a keyword search. i only have the christmas music toolbar but i entered keywords in the search feature and added rock stations and comedy stations and even talk radio channels.i highly recommend the christmas music toolbar though,if you enjoy christmas music all year, as it already contains all the 24/7 all year christmas stations so you don't have to add them using search/.
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