Ubuntu 12.04.1 install issues with Gforce GTX550Ti

Having a bit of confusion here. actually the problem is not limited to Ubuntu. I tried Fedora 17 as well and had the following issue. both are the 64 bit Edition. I have also attempted the 32 bit version of Ubuntu 12.04.1

to start, here are my specs:

RAM: Kingston HyperX blue 1600mhz (16gb)
GPU: Asus Gforce GTX 550Ti
Monitor: Samsung S22B350H
CD/DVD: Plextor PX-L890SA-26

I put the disc in and boot, I see the purple screen with the small keyborad icon at the bottom, this displays for a few seconds and then my screen goes black with a cursor blinking in the upper left corner, at this point the CD starts spinning and I can hear lots of activity, I assume the program is loading but my screen remains blank.

When I tried to load Fedora 17 the computer boots from the CD and I get the install screen, as soon as it begins installing though my monitor goes blank and the power light on the monitor begins blinking.

Now the confusing part is that I have nearly the same setup at work: FX4100 CPU, MB with the same chipset, same RAM. the only differences are the Monitor and GPU. at work I have an XFX Double D GeForce GT 630. with this rig I was able to install with no issues whatsoever.

given that the only differences are the GPU and monitor I am assuming that is the cuprit but if that was the case why would the install menu show up at all? it only goes black when the program begins to load.

If anyone has had issues like this or if you have any advice I would appreciate it.

as a last note, would there be any issues If I cloned my UBUNTU drive from work onto my home rig?

thanks for any help you can offer,


P.S: It IS an issue with my graphics card for sure.
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    when you get to the bootscreen, press f6 for 'other options' and select 'nomodeset'.

    hopefully this will boot, then install latest nvidia drivers.
  2. ok that worked like a charm. thank you.
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