Copy files from Linux hard drive to a Windows hard drive

Hello, I have a Ubuntu 10.04 system that is cratered, but want to transfer all the data files and pictures using a Knoppix Live CD to a new Windows formatted hard drive I have installed in the system, Unfortunately my Linux skills are not that good. I originally tried using an 8GB USB drive, but I found there are over 30 Gig of files to be transferred (saved), so I set up to try a drive to drive copy. Thanks.
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  1. In Ubuntu you should be able to mount the Windows drive using Disk Utility and then copy the files directly.
    In Disk Utility - select your Windows drive and then Mount the drive. There should then be an label to the right which shows you where this drive has been mounted, which you can just click on. You can then drag and drop ( or whatever you prefer ) files from your Ubuntu disk to Windows.
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