How do Dual-Boot Windows and Linux on a UEFI BIOS with an HDD and SSD?

I have a 500GB HDD and a 128GB SSD with Windows 7 preinstalled on the SSD. I have the SATA mode set to AHCI but how do I install Ubuntu on my HDD with out deleting anything on it or my SSD? I already have the newest Ubuntu version (12.4) downloaded to a flash drive and my Motherboard is a Dual UEFI BIOS which means that I can not use WUBI to install Linux the easy way. Thanks for any help.
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  1. First off, I download the ubuntu 12 iso (sounds like you already have it) and use imgburn to burn that to a bootable dvd. I don't know about how you can keep your data on the HDD and still install ubuntu... (I'm pretty sure that ubuntu formats the drive you install to ext3 but I'm not completely sure)

    If that is the case, than you can migrate your data to another HDD if you have one, or can get access to one to use for this, install ubuntu on the drive, then migrate the data back.

    Anyway, this isn't a full fledged answer but hope it helps.
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