XP from uniprocessor to multiprocessor convert?

Hello. I've just upgraded a collegues Athlon 850 system to an Athlon 5050e with ahci controller active and everything. but I can't find a way to convert windows' kernel to a multicore supporting one, and I don't really dare replace kernel32.dll and hope that everything else just magically works.

Is there a way to do it properly? I mean without actually reinstalling windows from scratch? And would it be updated to multiprocessor if I'd use a windows cd to reinstall it? (think I tried that yesterday to no avail actually)

System's running fine, but I can't make both cores work. Even a prime95 can't stress the system enough to raise the fan speed (stock fan) beyond 1300rpm! (aiming for 50C).

Hope someone's got a solution for me. for now he'll just have to live with only one core.

ps. don't buy an msi board! I used to find them acceptable, but that msi updater version 3 is rubbish! It has less idea of which drivers to update than my grandma would have!
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  2. Enabling acip is going to solve the uniprocessor issue? I'll try it next time I'm in the vicinity of the computer with that problem.
  3. You can also use the non-ACPI version if it's an old system without ACPI.
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