PSU Advise: Which would you pick?

im putting the finishing touches on my new build and im looking for a new PSU. now i dont have a lot in my budget but i did pick out 4 that i can handle.

ill be running at e6420, p5b deluxe, ocz 2x1gb pc2 6400, ati x1950pro, 1 320gb drive, 1 benq 1620, floppy drive, 2 internal fans.

so if some comments could be made aboout the advantages and disadvantages, that would be great.

Antec SmartPower 2.0 500 Watt

Enermax NoiseTaker II EG495P-VE V2.2 SFMA 485 Watt

Mushkin (550200) HP-550 550W

Enermax FMA II EG465P-VE 460W

thanks in advance.
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  1. Either of the Enermax power supplies. Smartpower is Antec's low end line, and shouldnt even be considered. The Mushkin psu is decent, but it's alot less powerful then the Enermax units.

    Between the two Enermax models the Noisetaker is slightly better, since the efficiency is higher, but the FMA unit is fine too if the Noisetaker is considerably more expensive.
  2. Antecs true power 550 or trio 650 would be better choices from antec, I personaly am sold on Antec with about 4 years of trouble free service from all of mine.
    Zalman and fortron also make good psu's.

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