How do i play flash files on my 64 bit laptop windows 7

I am having problems running 64 bit pre release of Adobe Flash on my new laptop. I have downloaded from adobe, removed all older versions yet still having problems with config.

Do you have any idea what fix for this is?

I can be reached at account.

Thanks Tom...
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  1. For now, is better that you still using the x86 version of adobe flash.
  2. saint19 is correct. you can still use the 32bit version of ie which can be found in the x86 program folder.. i believe 64bit support for flash is still a bit buggy..
  3. I'm not sure that I understand your question. If you have a problem playing flash based videos in your browser (eg youtube videos etc) then the rest of my post is not applicable.

    If you're trying to play flash based video downloaded from the internet (youtube files and stuff) then you need RealPlayer (there are possibly other suitable programs but it's the one I use) and have the flash plugin for internet explorer installed as well (I had flash plugin for firefox but that didn't cut it).
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