What is the best antivirus/security suite for a netbook?

Is there such a thing as a good antivirus program for a netbook, with the netbook's inherent low cpu/ram performance? My wife just got a new Acer One, and I'm looking for the best solution that won't bring it to its knees resource wise. I use AVG Free on all our other computers, but don't know how resource intensive it is compared to others. Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions.
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  1. avira free edition is the best free antivirus!best free firewall is pc tools firewall plus.malewarebytes bytes is the best free spyware remover!

    any questions just ask!
  2. AVAST is the next avira, avg, etc.....
  3. i have to say if you start out with a clean instal of windows7
    and if you don't instal a anti virus program,
    you may look like your not protected, but actualy win7 will autom. alert you, and ask what to do.

    believe me what you don't instal you woun't get.
    I download every day all software crack's (sorry ), movie's, music, etc etc
    you just have to keep a well organised netbook
    like for example partition for your C: drive <<<and D: for your downloads
    all so make your network a public network, if you want to connect to internet
    then nobody can see you while you use there router 4a while.
    and what you don't see you can't hack into???
    if you need any kind of software let me know i give you some links that for 100% work
    psyking7@gmail.com greetzzzzzzzzz :sol:
  4. Don’t get me wrong 3 great programs for a good mix, but here's a question for you. 3 diff programs running at once. Is that overkill? Would it just be easier and less resource hungry just to buy a security suite that has all 3?
  5. they are 3 different types of programs,they are all free and good!
  6. Or you can get Microsoft Security Essentials and not bother with adware se, avira, or any other security program apart from a good firewall.
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