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if someone hacks someones Facebook account but the hacker doesn't done anything wrong with the account, even don't open the hacked account, even the person whom Facebook account are hacked don't know about there account are hacked,,,,, the hacker right now worrying about that case of hacking... is he get any punishment from anyone????? plz tell me in detail.. plz plz tell me also if the person whom account are hacked dont tell police or someone related to secutrity then does the hacker got punishment.. hacker hate hacking and left every wrong act, tell me in detail what happens????
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  1. If you know that someone hacked a Facebook account and they don't know, then I'm guessing you are the hacker.

    You may be lucky; you may not. I can't tell you in detail what will happen in your country, since I don't know what country you are from, but the worst case scenario in my country is that you might get a jail sentence.
  2. Guess you shouldn't have gone hacking other users accounts eh?

    You may not have been caught this time but keep it up and you will eventually wind up behind bars, or worse.
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