How to put a 32 bit driver on a 64 bit OS?


I Windows XP SP2 64 bit.....................

My web cam - Viewsoic W5202

When I install its driver it install without any porblems,but when i connect the web cam it dosent detect.I was wondering weather theres any solution for this? :heink:
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  1. Go to the Product web page and check for any Windows XP 64 bit driver Viewsonic may have listed for that web cam. If not, be sure the new camera you buy as a replacement has a XP 64 driver on the product web page before you buy.
  2. I already own the web cam nd theirs no 64bit drivers :(
  3. Send an email to Viewsonic support and describe the problem. Maybe a tech there has a solution before you buy a new camera.
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