Weird notification in shockwave/flash websites.

An attempt has been made to access or communicate with the following location. This may represent a security risk.


Allow access?
[] Allow Future Access by This Movie
[] Allow Future Access from this Location
by any movie
[] Don't Ask again

Cancel Allow

that kind of notification pops up when i visit flash game sites, and a random website link pops up in the middle and 2 buttons "cancel and allow". when i press cancel nothing happes, and the notification just pops up again, and i can't control firefox anymore, i have to open task manager and end proccess from there to close it. i haven't press allow yet, since i might make it worse.

what could be the problem?
i have read this problem that this person is also experiencing but the answers of the people are no understandable. lol.

hope someone can help!
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  1. did i post in the wrong section or nobody else has experienced this?
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