help me decide which video cards

newegg has the 8800gts 640mb for $320 after MIR, so my question is, is it cheap?? yes i do need the 640mb since i have a 22'' lcd. or should i go with x1900gt for $115, i m in middle of building my rig. if i go with the 8800gts 640mb i have to stick with it for atleast 2 years, but if i go with the x1900gt i can replace when the 2nd gen dx10 gets cheaper(which i think it will takes atlease 2 years too)

so far i got

700watt ocz
320gb sata hard drive
thermalright ultra 120 w/s-flex sff21f
2gb ocz 6400 rams 4-4-4-15
Masscool Shin-Etsu x23- thermal interface
22'' lcd
Antec P180b

getting soon

e6420 or e6600- help me decide
ds3 motherboard 3.3rev
video card- help me decide cheap x1900gt or powerful 8800gts 640mb

most looking forward games are crysis, ut4.
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  1. Does the motherboard support SLI?

    You should get the Nvidia 640GTS. It is a god price, and works fine. You state that you have a 24 inch monitor. Is its resolution 1920x1200?.
    If it is, the GTS is the minimum card you should get.

    I am in the same boat as you, and have to buy a new graphic card.

    I cant wait for the Nvidia 8900GTX (could be cancelled beacuse of the ATI fiasco), and Nvidia 8950GTX. Both these card are on the last Nvidia roadmap I have seen.

    The 8950GTX for SRP of 600dollars seems to be a good value.
  2. yes, i was talking at the EVGA 8800gts 640mb, if i buy it from newegg, do i still get the step up and other benefits?
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