Microsoft office Powerpoint isn't cutting it any more.

So I had Office 2010 since the tech-preview and..
It's amazing in everything it added on 2007 BUT disappointing in everything it has from 2007!
I have tried Softmaker's office (I am speaking specificaly about Powerpoint and its counterpart here) and It's much more difficult to use (I like the ribbon) but on the other hand it contains more animations.. more transitions.. it handles shadows and reflections so much better than office.. So Isn't MS going to give us some real proffesional software? I mean how hard is it to add an option to define the light source for an object? add a pivot creation tool.. make an emphasize swivel effect.. and make all of this in REAL 3D?! So that when a ball swivels it doesn't appear as paper!
They can even make it a pro version for like $60 or something.. and even more replace the layer system with a 3D world..
I know I'm probably asking for too much but isn't thare a market for that? I mean I wanted just like others did..
Further more a point joining tool would be good, better interactive options (like hover animation triggering) and the ability to choose how the object appear when hovered on and better 3D effects handling and options.. etc.
I hope MS reads this.. I know I sound confused and have nothing to say but this is what I think.. I'm not an expert or anything but I am a consumer's son (actually I am the one who use the PC here!)
So for now is there any replacement program for Powerpoint? I tried Adobe's Flash and Captivate but both aren't doing (Adobe's pricing freaked me before even trying them!) it.. (actually I felt as if they weren't designed for this in the first place)

So for now which alternative do you suggest? And is there a 3D pro program that I can use to create objects for Powerpoint (as another option) ?

Sorry for my English and if I am complicating it here..

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