Windows Vista Drivers for Presario SR 1500 NX

Is anybody knows if there are available drivers for Windows Vista for Compaq Presario SR 1500 NR?
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  1. Unfortunately I couldn't locate that specific model number on HP's site. If you can't find the drivers on their site, that means that HP doesn't support Vista on it.

    Does your system require drivers that are specific to HP? If not, then you should be able to install Vista. If you could find out what motherboard is installed and what video, LAN and audio drivers are required, it would be much easier to determine if all required drivers are available.

    I checked a few SR1500 systems and they seem to have a RAM limit of 1 GB. That isn't ideal to run Vista and probably is the reason why HP don't support it.
  2. Thank you for the help!!!Probably the limit of 1 GB is the reason of not supporting drivers for Vista.Yes,I've checked on HP's site and there is not an option for Vista.
  3. That doesn't mean that you can't install Vista, but the system's performance might be less than stellar. I installed it on a P4 2.8 system with 1 GB; it runs much better after increasing memory to 2 GB.
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