Router can't sign in MSN Messenger

i hv a router model :
Creative network blaster wireless Lan AP router 2103
this router can online to surfing net ,bt download or http download. but the funny thing it's can't login to MSN ( means after key-in the password on msn message & click on "sign in" )
follow that the connection were off. it's doesn't show any error msg on screen but it's can't surf net anymore. then hv to power off the router & and ON ,the connection back to normal !!!!
I already try to " reset " this device back the manufacture default setting, but it's can't help anymore.
I like to try upgrade the router firmware, but can't found on creative wedsite .So gentlement pls help me, anybody know about this model firmware or any solution for this problem .
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  1. Router issue - I don't have time to look up the firmware but you might want to switch over to a Linksys wireless router or something more mainstream.
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