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Guys hello,

I'm currently looking to upgrade my 4-year old system,and since much has changed to the point that I don't have any clue what to buy now to suit my purpose...I could use some advice :) .
I'm talking a P4 @ 2.4Ghz with a Gigabyte GA-8SQ800U MB,512MB Ram,2 SATA HDD& a Radeon 9500 Video Card...basically.
What's the purpose of the upgrade...honestly I want to be able to play some new games (C&C3,Starcraft 2 is coming) from time to time,as well as an overall improvement of all applications since I'm not happy how it works now.
I do some audio recording & editing(hobby,not pro),office applications,photo editing & customizing and some games every now & then.

That's simply put the main uses of the PC for me.
I was thinking into some more memory,a new video card & power supply.
But which ones ? I want to buy a Raden X1950 but won't my system choke the video card ? I want something that's on par with what I have,but I don't really know which.
And if you could recommend a good power supply for my MB that would be great coz I hear it's a big problem these days.

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  1. What's your budget for this upgrade? For about $160 you can get a new dual cpu, 1gb of ram and a decent mobo that'll demolish what you have now. It's a little more expensive then just getting more ram, but the performance is worth it. Another ~$70 for the psu and $150-200 for the gfx card and you pretty much have a whole new system.
  2. Thx a lot.
    I have money...that's why I did not specify a budget.
    But it's money I work pretty hard for so I want to spend them wisely.
    160$ for processor,ram and MB ? 8O 8O ? Where ?
    I know I'm lost when it comes to new hardware,so sorry I look kinda from another story.
    Some links are highly appreciated although to be quite honest,I wouldn't change so much for the simple reason that nobody will buy my old stuff so that's a 0% ROI on what I have which kinda sux.
  3. 3600+ Brisbane - $69
    1gb Wintec Ampo DDR2-667 - $30
    Biostar TForce 550 - $80

    Total - $189

    Ok, not exactly $160, but I when I wote that I wasnt looking at hard numbers, just going off the top of my head. Plus, there are plenty of great AM2 mobos for around $60. That's just the first one I though of since I'm thinking about buying it.

    Might want to chuck the old parts on eBay. For the board, ram, cpu and it's hsf you might be able to get ~$50.
  4. if you can specify a budget and a vendor il be glad to help you out
  5. Thanx again.
    Let's see...I don't live in the US but have no problem getting anything from there as I have friends coming back on a regular basis.That's ok...selling on ebay not possible.I'm in Europe.I managed to find out the same equipment for roughly 260 $.That's a nice saving if I buy from US.

    That Biostar MB is quite expensive here,must be really good.

    As for the budget,ok,I'll set it :).450$.But ! We must think that a complete system swap means a new case as well,coz my old one sure won't hold the new equipment,CPU cooler,new power supply.Maybe more.
    I don't want the latest&greatest so if you can squeeze a nice config all in all for 350 or less,hey that's perfect.

    Thanks again for your time and support.
  6. Right, so you're not in the US, but your friends can get 'em for you? So we should use US based e-tailers?

    Case: Coolermaster Centurion 5 - $50
    PSU: FSP Group AX500-PN - $65
    CPU: 3600+ Brisbane - $69
    RAM: Corsair XMS 2x 1gb - $70
    Biostar TForce 550 - $80
    Graphics Card: Sapphire 1950pro - $145

    Total - $479

    I went a little over budget but managed to fit 2gb of ram into the build. There are always deals on ram, so when you're ready to order everything a cheaper option should be available.

    Around $350 is possible, just knock the ram down to the 1gb modual I liked a couple posts ago, switch the 1950pro to a 7600gt, and get the 450w version of that FSP Group psu.
  7. Thanxs a lot,u're the best.

    They won't be able to bring power supply and case,they are too heavy and with their own luggage it's hard to put them on a plane.
    But I can handle them here at reasonable prices.
    The rest I can buy in US (well they can) and bring them over.Here only the video card you mentioned is ~250$ (cheapest buy),so I'm saving a lot.
    Can you please explain to me what mail-in rebate is ?
    Seems like additional $$$ could be saved but I'm not sure how.
  8. Finally set my mind on:

    CPU AMD x2 Windsor 4600+ (btw,this is 90nm I see with a higher power consumption,am i right ?)...but it's very high in the cpu benchmark here.
    MB ASUS M2N-E (what do u think about it ?)
    ASUS EAX1950 PRO 256 Mb Video Card.

    Hell,look what I've done...built a new system.Price is decent.
    What do you think on this cfg ? Thx.
  9. I havent heard to much about that mobo, and what I have heard has been mostly negative. Read through a couple pages of this thread and you'll see what I mean.

    The case you picked out is fine, but the psu that comes with it isnt. Cheiftec PSUs are made by Wintech (Not to be confused with Win-Tact, who builds some PCP&C units.), Wintech also builds some Rosewill and their own Wintech branded power supplies. All are low quailty, and that goes for most bundled psus as well. It also only has 20a on the +12v rail, not enough power for your build.

    Where are you buying the case and psu from?
  10. Well in an unexpected turn of events I've decided to go Intel.
    Haven't had any support in buying AMD and everyone's so excited about the core 2 duo I decided to invest,goddammit. :D

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
    Asus P5B MB
    Corsair 2x1GB
    Asus EAX 1950 pro
    and for the case,if you say Chieftec sux (at leas the PSU),how does this look :

    Hope this one's better.It's from the store I'm buying it here in Romania.
    430W...how's that ?

    Also I can't figure out a good MB for Intel,the Asus P5B was recommended but is it so good ?
    On the same site there is a promotional offer where if you buy Core 2 Duo + Intel DQ965GF MB you get a discount.Is that better ?

  11. From what I can tell the psu that comes with that case is almost exactly the same as a 430w NeoHE, which is a very good psu.

    It depends on which P5B you're thinking about getting. There are 3 versions, the regular P5B, the P5B Plus, and the P5B Deluxe. They're all pretty good, but the regular P5B is a medicore oc'er, and only has 1 PCI-E slots, the latter goes for the P5B Plus as well. The Gigabyte S3 and DS3 are good boards as well, just make sure you get the Rev 3.3v board.

    This is the first time I've heard of the DQ965GF, and I can't find any reviews of if, and hardly any mentions of it anywhere, so I can't give you a accurate answer. I can tell you this though, if it WAS a good board, there would be lots of talk about it.
  12. You're absolutely right my friend,as always,i might add :P .
    I was thinking not to buy the Intel MB for two reasons :
    - I don't like this type of promotions : you buy a very good processor so the company's thinking "hell let's include in a promotion a MB which otherwise won't sell so good and include a discount to get the attention"
    - Couldn't find reviews on it,so you summarized that very well in your last comment.

    So I'm getting the Antec Case.That's great,I was worried about that.

    I'm getting an Asus MB...so if you think the deluxe is better (good review on VR as well) I'll get it.

    It seems there are stock issues so it will take a while before I can get my hands on what I want and make it work.
    But as soon as I do I'll come back with test results and so on.
    I'll let you know how all is going.
    Thanks for the immense support.
  13. I've done a done up a work machine with that case
    it is quiet and I like it, simple elegance in this case is great, way lighter than the older sonata 2.

    I would buy this case for the majority of the price.

    I like Antec but their not their not the P/S maker they used to be.
  14. Nice.
    I also like the fact that it is simple,and I've read quite a couple of reviews saying how great it is.Not looking for looks here,just a nice case.
    Core2Duo E6600 + Asus P5B Deluxe + Asus EAX1950 have been shipped and I should have them this week.
    Case and memory not confirmed yet,so maybe next week I'll get them.

    I dld'ed the Antec manual and it says something like "built under the new Intel specifications for power consumption" & stuff.Interesting.
    Somebody scared me saying maybe the power supply won't have the proper connectors for the motherboard.But I think they're aberrating.Are they ? :-s
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