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I have a license for Vista Ultimate. The disks were purchased prior to SP1.

I am getting a laptop with home premium SP1 preinstalled.
Can I upgrade over the preinstalled version and then do an update to gice me Ultimate SP1?
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  1. Vista Ultimate should be no problem. I upgraded a system from Windows XP to Vista Ultimate and then SP1.
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    SP-1 is just a software update, and doesn't need a license itself. so if you have any license for Vista, you will be able to get SP-1
  3. TX to all, once the notebook arrives, I plan on doing the Ultimate upgrade and then updating the new machine to SP1.

    After that, I'll spend the next 97 years removing the "stuff" that comes preloaded on the unit.

  4. I would back it up to be able to rebuild it exactly as it was delivered to me. Then I'd remove the preloaded apps that I don't want and then I would perform the upgrade to Ultimate. If you have to create a set of restoration CDs or DVD, you should do it first.
  5. The Vista ultimate upgrade disk can be used to do a fresh install instead of a upgrade.
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