AeroCool Zerodba 620Watt

I have a lot of question about Aerocool Zerodba 620 Watt.

I wanna buy mainstream PSU for:
ASUS Striker Extreme
Intel E6700
1 or 2 Radeon 2900xt
CORSAIR XM2x2048-6400C4d
Western Digital Caviar RE2 WD5000YS
And 2 Optical Drive

I read article from "" and I found that this power supply don't have PFC? As much as I know that hi-grade power supply always have "Active PFC"
Can this PSU supply my stuff? Do you have any suggestion for great PSU below $150?
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  1. You will want a more powerful psu than that. PFC is more marketing hype than anything useful, it will not make your psu any worse without it. However, a psu such as the silverstone olympia 650w is a good choice, as it has the new 8-pin connector for your 2900xt. If you want 2 2900xt's, you will need to spend more than $150 for a psu with 2x8-pins connectors, but it is possible to use 6-pins and therefore pay a bit less.
  2. Could you help me to list your reference PSU that have 8pin connector or PSU that can support 2900XT? I'm confused because so many PSU on your list. :D
  3. Its better to buy a +12 single rail with higher output or double rails but the output divide for 2 rails
  4. Hm... I think I need time to find which one fit the best for me. Thanks for your reference ^^
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