HP ScanJet 4100C driver for Windows Vista

IS there a driver that I can get for my HP 4100C Scanner so it will work with Windows Vista OS
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  1. The scanner is too old and HP would like you to buy a newer model. I have the same issue with my old and rarely used Canon CanoScan D660U.
  2. This issue can be resolved on Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate by using the Windows XP Mode. When the installation of XP Mode has been completed then

    1. Start Windows XP Mode
    2. Connect the HP 4100c
    3. Assign the USB device to the virtual machine and XP
    4. Windows XP should automatically detect the scanner and allow it to be used properly

    Good luck
  3. ^Good option, but this is the vista section, so, your solution is fine, but not for the problem and the section.

    And like GhislainG, your scanner is too old and the HP's web page doesn't have drivers for Vista or 7.
  4. Yeah, well I have windows 7 professional and found the suggestion helpful after being led here by a google search. The desire to keep the forum pure is less helpful than just putting out all applicable information on the topic. We have search engines to find things for us. I do not think that many people got to this thread by browsing. Even if it does not help the OP, it helps others. And it can help the OP too, just rephrase it.

    Yes, you can make the scanner work on your vista computer. First purchase windows 7 professional...
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