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i downloaded a couple of movies today and wanted to burn 'em on dvd so i can watch them tonight and later on this week on TV, but my nero simply doesn't want to,

here's what happened, i tried to burn those movies on my current nero software installed, but it gave me an error, i just formatted my pc before so i thought maybe i need to dl another version,
i downloaded nero essentials im correct,haha) and tried again, but it still gave me the same error. also, if i put in my dvd+rw in the drive (if i remember correctly i had burned a game on it) it doesn't pop up a window which says 'what do u wanna do with it' or something, naa mean? neither makes it a sound of reading the disc.

now, i had this problem before, but that was i think cause i didn't have windows genuine, i patched my windows and then it worked and i could burn succesfully (hence my comment above saying i had a game burned on the disc before) and the problem before gave me the exact same error, but i have my windows patched now aswell, so i find this pretty odd.
i must add that i doubt my disc reader is broken, since i said i had this problem before and it worked after, but i also have this pc (with all hardware) just new (about 6/7 months)

here are some pics what happends when i try to burn:

i hope i gave u enough material to help me the most, if u need anything else which might give u a solution, please hit me back
ps. sorry for the bad english, im from UROP lol.
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