Dubbed DVD+R won't play on computer

I bought a Sony RDR-VX535 DVD Recorder & VCR Combo Player to dub my old VHS tapes onto DVDs. I did one and I used a DVD +R disc to dub. It worked fine on the Sony and I finalized it...then went to play it on my computer's DVD ROM player, but it didn't recognize the disc at all. It just behaves as if nothing's in the drive. What am I doing wrong? Are DVD+R's not compatible in this computer? It's a 2002 Dell running Windows XP. Very frustrating! I sincerely appreciate any help.


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  1. Many older DVD-ROM only players do not play burned DVDs. I found this out on a couple of my schools old computers. To test try the disk in a computer with a newer dvd burner and see if it plays. Betch-ya it will. As far as I know you will need to get a new dvd burner to play it on your computer.
  2. Aaack, well that sucks. But it sounds like the problem. I will try playing it elsewhere. Thanks for the info and reply!
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