Reasnoble prices for a Network Rack

Hi, I am looking for a small standardized 19 inch network rack for rack mounted hardware. I need a smaller one for the rack mounted server chassis and a rack mounted APC UPS. The rack is to accomodate rack mounted (1U,2U,3U) equipment For my entertainment system I used a Middle Atlantic one, however they are quiet expensive, and I need a small and simple one for maybe 8U worth of components.

Does anyone know where basic racks can be found to accomodate rack mounted hardware.

Many thanks!
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  1. Figure pricing of at least $100, typical of about $150-$200 up to $300 or more for a single unit.

    Grainger or Graybar may hold them, you could also check out CDW. I'm sure you can find them on or, even Ebay.
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