i have windows xp sp3/ IE ver8. I installed silverlight.
Program says installed successfully but the program does not show up under installed programs and there is not file folder in pc.
The applications that use do not work and ask me to "install silverlight"
When i try to reinstall says "already installed"
Silverlight was originally installed from microsoft update site.
Any ideas?

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  1. HI GRB

    Open IE explorer under tools click on manage add-ons , under add-on types click currenly loaded add-ons, then click all add-ons. Silverlight should be listed . click on Silverlight and a window will open. In the window click more information. A window will open with info about silverlight including its location. This will give you a place to start .
  2. Hey, I tried what u said but it doesnt show up there either.
    I dont get it, where could it possibly be? Oh woe is me. ha ha
  3. Try clicking my computer click c drive click program files and search manually. Then check the windows folder. or restore computer to before the download and Try it again
  4. I tried. Not there either.
  5. Were running out of options ! The reason I suggested restore is becuase it is not complete install. Try a windows search , type in Microsoft Silverlight if not found you should have an option to include sub folders and continue search. The only other folders I can think of are downloads, desktop, and documents. good luck !
  6. tried search but nothing came up. Listen, Im not an engineer but I do know my way around a PC quite well. This problem really has me stumped.
    I ran regcure wish did not help but I was thinking and do u think maybe something still in registry?

    Thanx for all your ideas-grb3963
  7. Best answer
    HI grb

    I had the thought last night that it may have installed in your desk top. It has to install to an exe. of some type and there would no trace . I would say go for it , open reg edit and take look. You would think there would be some keys assc. with silverligh.t I had download disappear once and it turned in my desktop.
  8. Hey I finally got it. It was a stale registry key.
    Heres what I did. Sure this could help alot of users. Saw same question all over web.

    run menu-type "regedit"
    find- "hkey/local machine/software/microsoft/silverlight
    delete all contents of key
    reinstall silverlight
    works like a charm

    Detaill thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Glad to here it ! Goodwork !!!!!!!!!!
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