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Hello Linux Forums.

Over the Past weekend I installed Kubuntu onto my personal work laptop- used mostly for coding/working in 3d design programs like AutoDesk Maya. Managed to use the Terminal and get wine installed, and subsequently Notepad++, my favorite IDE for coding. Only problem is, one of the languages I'm working with isn't part of the default languages supported in notepad++. This is where my problem is, I wasn't able to locate the Notepad++ folder to add the .xml document which would add support for the language.

Also, wanted the .dbm or .rpm packages for Maya, however couldn't find them on Autodesk's "student" web site. Should I just use wine and the Windows x64 package?
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  1. http://usa.autodesk.com/maya/system-requirements/
    Looks like it may only be available for rpm based systems like fedora. If you can't find them on the student website, try shooting autodesk a email!
    You can install rpm on a deb based system with 'alien'

    edit: via unofficial sources i see it is available as a tarball, in which case you will not need alien. It should be something like 'foo.tar', or 'foo.tar.gz' this is like a .zip file, just need to extract the files and run the executable.

    Hi If you want to run the windows x64 version you must make sure you have wine-amd64 and not regular wine which is only 32bit.

    But as far as maya via wine, the wine appdb does not look promising.

    I am not familiar with notepad++, but since you are on kubuntu why not give 'kate' a try.
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