String of odd but perhaps related issues (warning: long)

Okay, so I like to think I'm at least somewhat computer savvy, but I've completely run out of ideas for this one.

For starters, here's what I'm running:

System Specs

Windows Vista Business (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 6001)

2.13 gigahertz Intel Core 2 Duo
4094 Megabytes Installed Memory
Board: Intel Corporation D975XBX AAD27094-305
BIOS: Intel Corp. BX97510J.86A.1304.2006.0620.1451 06/20/2006

ASUS EAH4870 series
Driver: 7.15.0010.0134
Date: 8/8/2008

(under Device Manager)
High Definition Audio Device
IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

I also can boot into Windows XP Pro (it's on a separate drive that is still connected).

I believe that at least 1-4 are issues that are related.

1. My computer fails to shut down properly, at all. It goes to "Logging off" and gets stuck there for 10+ hours. The only clue I have here is that when I attempt to shut down, Vista informs me that "AMD: CCC-AEMCapturingWindow" is preventing my computer from shutting down. I recently thought I had fixed a video driver issue (it was crashing frequently) but maybe I didn't fix it properly. I was directed to install a manufacturer specific driver (which didn't fix my problem) but shortly after that, the problem went away on its own.

2. An instance of svchost.exe is taking up between 45-60% of my CPU. I'm pretty sure this is the "root" of the problem - most of my issues are all from .dll's running in this specific svchost.exe. Here are the services running under this svchost.exe
DHCP Client
Security Center (WSCSVC)
TCP/IP net-bios helper (IM Hosts)
Windows Audio (AudioSRV)
Windows Client Log (Eventlog)

I noticed that just about all of my issues are reliant on components of this. I can't really disable them, since most of them are important.

3. My networking center icon is showing up in the lower right hand corner with a red X, indicating that I am not connected to the internet. I can't load the Networking Center at all (it fails to load after 30+ mins). It's working fine, but concerning.

4. Taskmanager is heavily chugging. It's terribly slow to load, if at all. Many other programs get "stuck" as well.

5. Launchy, , a normally very small, lightweight program, ends up taking up to 40-50% of my CPU. This may not be related, nor is it a big issue, I can simply go without.

What I've tried

I've tried the standard reboot, check drivers, etc. I have issues checking for drivers, however. I can't figure out what audio driver I need to install - all of the links I've been directed to indicate only a 32-bit version, while I would need a 64-bit.

1. Originally, this program was preventing my computer from loading properly at all. I'd load up and everything would be chugging. I had to safe-boot into Vista and disable a bunch of services there in order to get it to run okay.

2. This issue goes away when my computer isn't using its sound (playing music, whatever). Under Device Manager, I have two sound devices - High Definition Audio Device and
IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. I tried disabling the former, and that relieved my problem somewhat, but it has since come back.

3. I've tried going through the Control Panel as well here, but that similarly never loads.

4. Killing the bad svchost.exe through Process Explorer allows everything to load fine, until the svchost.exe comes back. Process Explorer has allowed me to get around this issue somewhat.

5. Restarting the app and reinstalling it has not gotten rid of this problem.

Recent Changes

Here are things I've recently done/fixed/whatever that might be part of the issue.

I've recently removed 4 gig of ram.

I've recently installed the following:
Panda3d (
New video driver

Audio driver has been crashing, but went away about 3 weeks ago.

Recently installed a different version of the video driver, manufacturer specific.

I can provide other information that may be useful.

My only idea I've got left is reformat and reinstall Vista. However, I've never had to reformat Vista, so if anyone has helpful links on that, it would be appreciated. Anyone have any other ideas or suggestions?
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    Go to your motherboard's online product page and update all the system drivers to the latest Vista 64 version. Also check for any BIOS update that may address any of the problems you are having including the shut down issue. If the problems persist, best to reinstall Vista 64 and be sure to get the latest Vista 64 drivers for your hardware. Running Vista 64 on an Intel 965 without a single OS issue for nearly a year.
  2. Yeah, I tried to update the BIOS to solve the video driver issue from before, and for some reason it can't be applied to my computer, despite my computer containing the proper MB and OS.

    I've called and e-mailed intel about the issue, and they say that they can't support my board because it's "matured" or something like that, meaning they won't help me to figure out why the bios update isn't applying.

    I did install the chipset driver, so we'll see if that works. I've been running Vista for a year this month without an issue I couldn't solve, so I'm not about to give up quite yet :p

    For reference, here's the link to the my motherboard's support page:*+64&lang=eng&strOSs=150&submit=Go!

    I installed the chipset driver listed, although tbh I'm not really sure what it's responsible for that might fix my issue. However, the install of the driver has at least temporarily resolved my issue.

    Thanks for your help.
  3. Quote:
    Yeah, I tried to update the BIOS to solve the video driver issue from before, and for some reason it can't be applied to my computer, despite my computer containing the proper MB and OS.

    A BIOS update has nothing to do with your Radeon 4870 video driver. Download the proper driver for the 4870 from the Mfg. AMD/ATI

    BIOS update has nothing to do with your OS. BIOS/CMOS is an actual chip on your MB. BIOS version is the software which controls the input/output to the MB hardware.
  4. Yes, I understand that - but that doesn't stop them from telling me that it may be an issue.
  5. Well, if you are wanting to update your BIOS version to solve a video driver issue, you are on the wrong path. The BIOS will work the same with Vista 64 as any other OS.
  6. Fair enough. I'm not saying it solved my issue, merely they (ATI) told me to do so.
  7. I would try to uninstall the sound drivers as you said that it was 32 bit and let it fall back to the vista driver and see if that helps.
    MS is usually pretty good about having workable Intel drivers.
    It seems possible that you are having a conflict with the network and the sound drivers so that is where I would concentrate for now if it were me.

    Maybe windows update has better drivers but you have to tell update to look for them on Vista. There is a checkbox for it in there somewhere.
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