Vista Home Premium vs Vista Business.

So im going to get an new 64 bit vista for my soon to be builded rig, and i was thinking wther to go for Vista Home Premium or Vista Business, the price for Home Premium in denmark is three times the price off Home Premium, and i was wondering, if there was any major differences between them?

Is there anything that limites the Vista 64 bit business when it comes to gaming?

Acoording to windows Vista 64 bit Business can pull 128+ gb ram and quad cores, where as Home premium only can pull approx. 16gb plus Quad Cores.
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  1. Oh and something else, if i buy my Vista disc today will i be able to upgrade to windows 7 for free when it comes out?

    The info on Microsofts homepage is kind'a fuzzy and hard to understand.
  2. vista business just doesn't have the Media Center, and multimedia capabilities of Home Premium. it won't affect gaming.
  3. Business just has a few extra features like remote desktop, HD encryption and management stuff, most user don't need it at all, go for Home Premium.

    No you will probably not be able to upgrade for free to Windows 7. If you buy your PC from an OEM like Dell, you MAY get a voucher for a free upgrade like they did for Vista, but that will be it.
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