Desktop dual core: AM2+ CPU vs AM2 CPU
AMD Company already noted , that the use of processor AM2+ in motherboard with similar socket will ensure a certain speed increase and reduce power requirement due to the special power-supply system .

The majority of socket AM2 motherboard owners has entirely another question: how much speed increase after replacing processor K8 generation by k10 processor at equal frequency? Unfortunately, AMD noted the speed increase with passage to k10 architecture , after publishing the test of servers processors barcelona with four core . But here dual core processors phenom X2 (Kuma) and Athlon X2 (Rana) will enjoy larger popularity .

AMD presented its plan about speed increase with passage to Socket AM2+. Let us explain the comparison conditions : As base we have the speed of socket AM2 (K8) processor, installed in motherboard with socket AM2, based on discrete chipset. Then in the same motherboard was installed processor socket AM2+ (K10). In both cases the processors work at identical frequency, there are no data about the core quantity . We assume here , that we deal with dual core processors..

During the replacement of K8 processor with k10 CPU in socket AM2 motherboard increase in speed will be approximately 12%. But if the K10 processor was installed in motherboard with similar socket (AM2+), the speed level will rise by 1%. this 1% is the result of : more flexible power control system , DDR 2-1066 support and hyperTransport 3.0 system bus . In desktop segment the system bus will not have essential speed effect in the majority of tests.

The average increase composes 12%, this is not too bad. If this number reflects maximum gain or results of comparison in some test, then this can be bad .
That 1% is in contrast with this, though that is dealing with quad core I suppose.
Could be because of bugs...
There are AM2+ K8 so perhaps xtreview misunderstood...
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    I have a friend who work for AMD.
    According to him this news was from an AMD secret document.

    Quote is for after xtreview got savaged over on XS.

    No one?
  2. So AMD is claiming a 13% at best IPC increase?

    Shoddy. Seems like it should be far more....
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