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Desktop dual core: AM2+ CPU vs AM2 CPU

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May 26, 2007 4:43:30 PM
AMD Company already noted , that the use of processor AM2+ in motherboard with similar socket will ensure a certain speed increase and reduce power requirement due to the special power-supply system .

The majority of socket AM2 motherboard owners has entirely another question: how much speed increase after replacing processor K8 generation by k10 processor at equal frequency? Unfortunately, AMD noted the speed increase with passage to k10 architecture , after publishing the test of servers processors barcelona with four core . But here dual core processors phenom X2 (Kuma) and Athlon X2 (Rana) will enjoy larger popularity .

AMD presented its plan about speed increase with passage to Socket AM2+. Let us explain the comparison conditions : As base we have the speed of socket AM2 (K8) processor, installed in motherboard with socket AM2, based on discrete chipset. Then in the same motherboard was installed processor socket AM2+ (K10). In both cases the processors work at identical frequency, there are no data about the core quantity . We assume here , that we deal with dual core processors..

During the replacement of K8 processor with k10 CPU in socket AM2 motherboard increase in speed will be approximately 12%. But if the K10 processor was installed in motherboard with similar socket (AM2+), the speed level will rise by 1%. this 1% is the result of : more flexible power control system , DDR 2-1066 support and hyperTransport 3.0 system bus . In desktop segment the system bus will not have essential speed effect in the majority of tests.

The average increase composes 12%, this is not too bad. If this number reflects maximum gain or results of comparison in some test, then this can be bad .
That 1% is in contrast with this, though that is dealing with quad core I suppose.
Could be because of bugs...
There are AM2+ K8 so perhaps xtreview misunderstood...

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May 27, 2007 5:14:07 AM

So AMD is claiming a 13% at best IPC increase?

Shoddy. Seems like it should be far more....