Size of vista partitions?

I asked this in new builds, as I am going to be building a single drive 640GB WD Black Caviar system, and am wondering how I should partition my drives. However, I am having some trouble getting some of my Vista specific questions answered, so I figured I would post a question here as well.

I understand that partitioning is not a real performance booster, but I like to do it to keep drives organized and defragmented better.

My question is how large does a Vista partition need to be? I did this for my XP machine and had 20GB set aside for my C: drive there.

I am also wondering where I should put my page file. Should it be on the system partition (C), or a different one, like the next partition.

Finally, will I notice any performance hits for partitioning into 4-5 separate volumes?
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  1. i assume you want to have vista on c: and some other partitions for your programs??? in that case 20 gb would be enough. microsoft recommands 15gb but i assume it would be wise to have some extra space for future updates.

    about performance...hmm i think there is not goin to be any noticable improvement. if you want serious improvments go for RAID0 set up and use 10000rpm hdds
  2. Thank you for the link. I have planned to put about 30gigs aside for the C: drive, just in case for some of the little things that end up throwing themselves onto that drive. I will then create a 10 gig partition specifically for a system page file, then pretty much split the last section into data/docus and games/programs.

    This will prevent any page file corruption, and with 4 gigs of ram, it should hopefully not be writing too much into the page file anyway.

    Thanks for the advice!
  3. Depends on what you install on the C: drive. I usually install all my basic "workstation softwares" like AV, Office 2003, 7-Zip, ... the stuff I feel I absolutely need for my PC to work as a "tool". This setup currently takes about 23GB of my HD. Don't be too cheap on size or you will be cursing the WinSXS folder in no time (now >11GB on my machine after a year).
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