Read HTML email in Outlook 2003

Since Win7 does not include an email program like Vista's Windows Mail, I'm using Microsoft Office 2003 Outlook.
The help files tell me how to create a HTML email, but not how to read one.
All I see in the viewer is the code.

Any ideas?


P.S. - I miss Outlook Express. :cry:
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  1. Exactly the same experience here. I am not sure but seems I recall some third party Outlook patch years ago intende to soften the security of Outlook just enough so that the program loses some of the annoying features (like showing HTML email in plain text). I just can't seem to find it now.

    One other thing - we do seem to receive some email in HTML format... cannot isolate what the difference is between wat we receive in HTML and thoose that are converted to text (showing all the HTML source code).
  2. Windows mail is available via Windows Live downlaod package.
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