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Question: Is there a way to assign sound output device for iTunes 9 that's different than the default audio device?

I use Windows 7 64bit. I have USB headphones and speaker outputs on my system. Both are detected and both can be assigned to be the working default sound choice. I prefer all sounds from all apps on my computer to go thru my headphones (my default audio device), EXCEPT iTunes, which I want to go thru my speakers so that everyone in the room can hear music.

The only way I can make a iTunes work through the speakers while the headset is assigned the default role is to go into sound management, then assign the speakers to default and then restart iTunes. This is super annoying.

Desired: I would like to adjust the sound output device from within iTunes, or else find a mixer application that allows me to assign outputs for each application individually.

Hardware: i7 920 cpu, asus p6t motherboard, 6GB Ram, GTX 285 graphics, creative SB x-fi soundcard. Drivers auto discovered on install and appear to be functional.

Thank you.
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  1. Bump
  2. I was in the same predicament and your advice on setting default advice and restarting itunes helped!

    Thanks but I agree there should be a better solution.
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