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Im looking for a graphics card for when I upgrade my PC this summer.

Ideally I want something which would provide the same (or better) experience than on the xbox 360 without breaking the bank.

The idea is that this should last all the way to the end of the 360's life.

I know this is hard to predict, but maybe someone knows otherwise.

My planned upgrade includes

2gig ram

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  1. You must understand that while PC games will evolve into bigger and better graphical games the Xbox 360 will not, so the life span of the video card is a PC is all based on your tolerance level and the settings you run you games on. (i.e. res, and detail). So my best suggestion to you is to just buy the absolute best video card that you can for the amount of money you have at the time of your build. If you are building now go for an 8800 series or 2900 series card. If you can. A comparable PC card to that of the 360 is the X1900XT or similar so if that is your question there ya go, but don't expect the exact same results. Sry, but I am just to tired of explaining this topic to people.


  2. @3ball. i guess what u said is good enough. beside, anyone wanting to know what xbox360 use, should read about the hardware + the DX version used in it.
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