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I am installing xp pro on a system that had xp home originally. I am running into several problems.

The first time i tried to install the installation stopped reading from the cd and would not continue. I used another disc and it contined to the point where it copies the original files, then restarts, and i get a "windows cannot start because there is a problem with the software: load needed dlls for kernal. I have tried different install discs, and 2 different hard drives, with no avail. I noticed this morning the cmos settings aren't being saved... obviously the battery is bad. Ohh and get this, the second hd i tried the install on, wouldn't even format. The hd is functional because i just removed it from another working machine.

I guess my question is: What is going on here? Could the battery be the source of all my problems?

Do i have a bad cdrom?

Bad ide controller?

Other mobo issues?

I can give more info if needed.
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  1. If you know that the battery is bad, why not replace it? You could have a bad CDROM, but you'd get errors about files missing or read errors while loading XP. What motherboard is in that system?
  2. It was the cdrom. And the battery. I guess it was so confusing considering both components decided to fail around the same time.
  3. BTW, it is in a legacy gateway pc... POS
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