Windows explorer program is giving me alot of problems

I have been having a lot of issues with my new laptop and i think ive finally found out at least a part of that problem.The windows explorer program keeps having problems loading with almost half of everything i try to load.I know a decent amount about pc's but im new to Vista and don't know much about programs like windows explorer.I don't think that i can uninstall and reinstall a program like that so if anyone knows why this might be happening i would appreciate some help,thanks.
I don't know if my specs are important for this but just in case...
Windows vista home premium service pack 1 on a HP pavilion dv5-1250us notebook pc. Processor is AMD turion X2 duel core mobile zm80 2.10 GHz with 4 gigs of ram and a crappy sound card.Vid card is ATI radeon HD 3450.
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  1. Windows Explorer is your GUI. It has been since at least Win 95. Explorer is responsible for displaying desktop icons and some system tray icons. You can't uninstall it and reinstall it without doing so with the entire OS. Try updating all software currently running as well as drivers. Bad software / drivers can cause a lot of issues with Explorer.
  2. Yah im currently reinstalling alot of drivers even though i just got it and updated em all.Im thinking maybe that my vid card driver might be conflicting so im going through and old list of catalyst drivers
  3. Every time i try to install the catylist vid driver and controll center it only installes the optional components.Everything exept the 2 drivers i need.Know where to find new catalyst drivers for the integrated radeon 3450 series?
  4. Either your mobo manufacturer or you can usually download reference drivers from ATi. Just make sure you choose "Integrated / motherboard" instead of one of the other options.
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