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If i have an OEM version of windows vista 64bit can i use it to reinstall windows if i were to reformat my hard drive? I heard that u need to have a retail version to do so.
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  1. Not true. The OEM version will work without a problem.
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    more details on OEM verison vs Retail version of Vista
  3. Thanks for the info. I was stressing out, thought i wasted $100.
  4. Nope; you're good to go. Even people who do Major upgrades usually manage to be able to re-install OEM Vista. You may need to call MS and convince them you're not trying to install the OEM copy on a completely new system, but they've been pretty good about understanding replacing a failed motherboard.
  5. SWEET! I'm building my first system. Insane fast i7 rig.
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