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Does installing a new OS change your IP address ? I've seen two conflicting posts regarding voided registration keys for software . I was told once ; perhaps , incorrectly that it does, and registration keys are tied to the IP address. I was unable reinstall guitar studio after installing a new OS and CakeWalk was no help. I had an $80.00 coaster. Now I have new system and windows 7 and the program is obsolete so I'm no longer angry. can someone clear this up please ?
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  1. There's no yes or no answer. Usually your IP address is assigned by your router through DHCP and it's tied to the MAC address of the NIC. The DHCP server reserves the IP address for a certain period of time. So you might or might not get the same IP address. I doubt that any registration keys are tied to an IP address so they can change. Are you sure they aren't tied to the MAC address of hard drive volume ID?
  2. That is possible, at that time I changed from win 98 to to XP and did a reformat and installed XP . I had to reinstall Avast anti virus and get a new key because it was invalid on the new OS. That computer is now in recyle heaven, You can''t get far with 400mhz CPU now days . One post I read said it no problem to transfer software and on another post the person was unable to register any of their software. thats why ask the question.

    Thank you !!
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