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64 bit or 32 bit?

I have a question about vista. I just bought a new pc from a friend. It’s a custom built Intel q6600, 4 gig ram, SAPPHIRE 4870 with no operating system. Being a college student I can download a free copy of Vista Ultimate 32 bit from my university. I have had a few people tell me vista 64 bit is better. Is it worth the $100 for home premium 64 bit over a free copy of Vista Ultimate 32 bit?
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  1. No - it's not even worth $10 more IMO.
    The difference in having 4GB (64bit) vs 3~3.5GB (32bit) available RAM in most cases is very small.
  2. Can you also get 32bit Vista Home Premium for free?
  3. thanks for the reply. I can only ger Vista Ultimate 32bit free.
  4. Makes your choice easy, I guess.
    My only "complaint" about Vista Ultimate is that it starts and loads extra "stuff" that you probably don't need if you're thinking about a gaming system.
  5. It will be used mostly for a gaming system. should I just buy Vista Home Premium?
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    No, I wouldnt recommend that. If you had to buy an OS, I'd recommend Home Premium over Ultimate just because it has a "lighter footprint" for a gaming system.
    I know lots of people using Ultimate while gaming and not having any problems.

    That AlacrityPC utility I linked above can help you shut down processes that arent needed while gaming, and then restart them later. Not required, but handy. You can have custom game profiles that shut down unneeded functions and startup your gaming utilities (like TeamSpeak), gaming device profiles (mouse or gamepad macro files) and start the game in one batch file.
  7. What exactly is running in the bkg of Ultimate but not home?
  8. thanks for the advice, it was very helpful.
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