My comp Crashed! !Can i use xp home to repair xp pro?

my xp pro computer crashed . It started with freezing and slowing down after i installed kaspersky and system suite 9. Well all of sudden IE wasnt workinng either. My system restore was not restoring to previous restore points and then some of my icons went missing all you saw was a little white box with the name of the software below it. I also noticed that my office pro.(word,excell.powerpoint) were gone too. The icons were gone and the i couldnt find them in my programs. I ran anti virus and there were alot of trojan and malware. It helped a little. tryied t restore but incomplete restore. I ran ecuva to try to find my missing fikes to my programs and it found about 700 files so i recovered them . i rebootedand now my screen says NTLDR is Missing, Press Ctrl Alt Delete to Restart system and now i get the message.How do i fix that? I dont have X. p pro cd but i do have xp home I just want to be able to get in and back up my files and then maybe buy Vista or another xp pro. OR install my xp home. Pls help. First i want to know why my comp started acting like it did snd then finally crashed.
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  1. Quote:
    I ran anti virus
    and there were alot of trojan and malware.

    I think that answers the question right there why you had problems.

    Go through these and see if any work. Not sure if the home will work on pro though.
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