I want to remove windows 7 and linux mint 13 cinnamon, but keep windows 8 and mi

Sorry, couldn't think of a way to make a shorter thread. The story is much longer but I will try to abridge. 6 weeks ago I bought a Toshiba Satellite c655 with win7 from radio shack for $300. A few days before I ended up with a iMac G5 ppc, not knowing that it was one upgraded processor too old to be of much use. That reminded me about Linux mint which was suggested a few years earlier, that I tried for a few days, but not understanding the true nature of it, reverted back to windows. While researching and finding that it was a dumb idea to put linux on the mac, I put it on my Dell inspiron 1100. Liked it so much I put it on my new laptop. All within a couple of days, I ended up with a promotional copy of widows 8 for $14. Somehow I installed the 32 bit version of mint and I wanted the 64 since this machine could handle it. Now, I have 4 os's and win 7 doesn't work, which I don't want anyway since I have 8. I just want to keep mint kde and win8. How do I remove the two I don't want and clear up some space without re-installing everything? Especially since I don't have the origional windows disks (win 8 wanted an extra $30 to send me the disk)
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  1. Load the mint livecd and use gparted to remove the partitions you don't want, then free up the remaining space by extending the partitions into free space
  2. Format the partitions with the OSes you don't want and like skittle said extend them into free space on the partitions with kde and 8. That should work, but you have to know exactly what you're doing or you may end up format the wrong partition or your whole hard drive.
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