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Where's the best place to buy Vista Home Premium 64?

and should I buy OEM or Retail?
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  1. OEm for 1 install (activation)
    Retail for more than one install (activation)

    As for where to buy the cost is almost always the same. MS set the price.
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    Yes it will. Thats the one everyone wants.

  3. Vista Home Premium Operating System SP1 64-bit $99.98 A penny cheaper @ Also free shipping and no tax if you happen to live in a state where NewEgg collects tax.
  4. Are they reliable? I've never heard of them.
  5. Yes they are. They're a smaller player but they get good customer feedback
    Directon Merchant Review @ Yahoo
    (thats higher overall than NewEgg) :o
  6. Thank You guys for your help, I just ordered it from Directon, I like saving the $7 for the tax
  7. torrent vista ultimate; $00.00
    lol jk
  8. Newegg special 79.99 with promo code
  9. You wouldnt be thinking about this promo code? Vista Home Premium 32-Bit?
    It's the 32bit version and it expired over a year ago.
  10. **** that sucks, it figures it would be cheaper after I bought it.
  11. Yup! It would be a major surprise if that DIDN'T happen.
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