Hello everyone!

I am from India. I currently have an ASUS P4c800 Delux motherboard. But its back VGA/MOUSE/KEYBOARD/AUDIO/MIC connectors have become brutally rusted and partly broken. So i want to change all those connectors mounted on the motherboard myself.

If anyone cant understand as to what components am talkning about, please take a look at the following:

So can anyone help me by letting me know as to where in this whole wide world can i buy these components?? And i suppose these connectors are standard and universal in size so it wont be specific related to the motherboard model.

if am able to find them, i am confident enough to solder them myself to the motherbaord.

Any help or suggestions related to my above problem would be appreciated.

Hope to recieve some supportive replies,
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  1. You could contact ASUS or go to a local computer repair shop and see if they have a dead mobo laying around. If they are that rusted, I'd be surprised if the board isn't trashed. If there was enough water/moisture to rust the components, it's likely there is other rust on the board.
  2. I would agree with g-paw. The easiest way to obtain those parts is to probably find some dead motherboards and salvage the connectors. Asus may be able to help, but it'll be an extremely rare request for them to handle. Just a thought: Maybe they would let you send it in and they could replace the connectors for you for a fee?
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