Sound Card on ubuntu 12.04

I've recently built a rig with an i5 3570k and hd 7950 using an asrock z77 extreme3, and I'm temporarily using ubuntu on it until my internal hard drive arrives.

However, programs freeze extremely often- and while I can't prove it, I think every time it tries to play a sound, it freezes.

youtube, for example: in chromium AND firefox, the video loads to the point where there's an image and buffering circle, but it soon freezes, I assume as soon as it's ready to play.

in minecraft (the only game I got to work cause i'm terrible with wine), the default sound and music settings are 0%. and as soon as I click on either slider to change them, the game freezes

as for the volume control in the upper right, there's the speaker symbol with two dashes next to it, and while I can click on it, there isn't a menu that appears.

I used terminal to check if I had a sound card that linux is detecting, and it appears to be detecting both my integrated sound card AND my hd 7950 as a sound card

so i'm thinking at least part of the problem is that my graphics card isn't a sound card, but ubuntu is trying to use it as one and then failing.

I'm going to need pretty detailed instructions on how to fix this with terminal, since i'm not very good at it.

I know using an AMD graphics card with linux isn't a good idea because of crappy drivers, but i'm only planning on using it until my internal hard drive arrives; stupid windows won't let my install on a usb connected external hard drive.
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  1. upgrade to 12.10, see if that solves your issue first.
    I know using an AMD graphics card with linux isn't a good idea because of crappy drivers

    btw its not 2001 anymore, this is false...
  2. I installed 12.10, and the sound works now, as well as youtube videos.

    However, I haven't installed any proprietary AMD drivers like I had in 12.04. Is it possible that was creating the problem?
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