Very specific Windows Media issue...

This problem is very specific and requires a lot of details. Bear with me, please?

When I go to play a DVD movie on Windows Media Center or Windows Media Player, I get this AWFUL staticky noise coming from my speakers. I should mention that this ONLY occurs when I am running digital audio output (s/pdif), and only under those two programs. This does not occur when simply using an analog audio cable, I should add. I have tried updating all the applicable drivers, and still no progress...

I am using:
Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit
Windows Media Center/Windows Media Player
Gigabyte Motherboard GA-EP45-DS3R
Realtek HD Audio (Azalia)

I have done some searching and found that Realtek audio chipsets have had a lot of problems, particularly with Windows Media applications. This is regardless of motherboard manufacturer. Anybody else had this problem and been fortunate enough to have a solution that could possibly be duplicable for my situation?
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  1. Does this only happen on Windows Media Player/Center? If so, there could be a problem with WM settings, and you might wanna check that. Let us know how it turns out please :)
  2. I finally figured it out! I went in the audio driver settings and since my speakers don't support Dolby Digital, that was what produced the noise! I unchecked that, and boom! Perfection once again! :)
  3. Great! What speakers are you using if I may ask?
  4. r_manic said:
    Great! What speakers are you using if I may ask?

    Oldies but goodies, sort of. I've got a pair of Boston Acoustics BA790's and a pair of BA735's that I run simultaneously. It's a bit of an annoyance having to turn two volume dials, but I can kinda use them as a "fade" control of sorts, and even though it's just the left and right channels doubled up, it's a nice full sound. I can't run it as quad-channel because I'm running both sets off a single cable with a Y-adapter. It's the only way I can run both sets at the same time.
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