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BT Home Hub range problems!

Last response: in Wireless Networking
November 2, 2007 2:26:35 PM

I have the BT home hub down stairs which is connected to a computer using a wire. I have another computer upstairs which connects wireless using the BT voyager 1055 USB adapter. My computer cannot find my BT home hub, i know i have set it up correctly because i have connected a few times with 1 bar of signal strength but then it just disconnects after a few min.

I tried putting the USB adapter in my laptop and took my laptop downstairs and i almost had full signal strength. I know my USB adapter is good because i am able to find somebody's wireless network in my street and i can use their internet. I dont understand why i can get a better signal to somebody's network in the street when my BT home hub is in my house.

I have tried changing the channel on my network settings and when i rang BT they also did the same. They did not know what was wrong and they did not want to do anything to help us.

Does anybody know if i can replace the antenna on the BT home hub? I dont think the BT home hub allows it. If i cannot replace then antenna then i think i will have to buy an extender. I was looking at this one:

Does anybody know if that will work with my BT home hub? Or anybody have any other suggestions?